Advertorial Post: Career Ideas For People Who Like To Read


Today, we’re talking careers for bookworms, so if you’re an avid reader listen up. You may not have thought about it, but the fact that you love to read makes you the ideal person for many reading-based careers. When we say ‘reading-based,’ we don’t mean you’ll spend your entire career reading, but it will play a big part in your role.

So what are the careers that are suited to people who love to read? For everything that you need to know about the best careers for bookworms, read on.

Medical professional

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If you’re an avid reader and a fan of hospital documentaries and dramas, a role as a medical professional could be perfect for you. Reading is a crucial part of working in the medical industry. As throughout medical school and while dealing with patients, reading is a vital resource. There are millions of diseases…

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November 1943 (3) – CBI

Pacific Paratrooper

Sam Spector, radio operator, with Kachin Company C. Sam Spector, radio operator, with Kachin Company C.

During the Chinese train-up and the British reconstitution of forces, bill tribes in northern Burma who refused to be subjugated — predominantly the Kachins, but also the Karens, the Chins, the Kukis and the Nagas — had been fighting a guerrilla war against the Japanese occupation forces. Other Burmese tribes, the Burmese and the Shans, welcomed the Japanese and openly collaborated with the Japanese secret police (Kempei) against the minority hill tribes. The Allies supported the guerrillas from Fort Hertz, the only remaining Allied base in Burma that had an airfield. The three regiments of guerrillas — the Karen Rifles, the Kachin Rifles, and the Kachin Levies — were natural jungle fighting units, but they lacked the tactical training and the modern equipment that were needed to effectively battle Japan’s mechanized infantry and armor.

Gen. Stilwell & Gen. Sun at Sun's HQ. Col. Edward McNally, liason officer, seated at left. Gen. Stilwell & Gen. Sun at Sun’s HQ…

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