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Pacific Paratrooper

roundupVOL. II        NO. 7        REG NO. L5015        DELHI,  FRIDAY                                             OCTOBER  29,  1943.




MONUMENT TO FOLLY – This lone airplane wing represents a monument to the folly of Japanese aerial raiders who braved the wrath of U.S. P-38’s and P-40’s in a recent raid on a 14th Air Force airbase.  Forlornly it points to the China sky from which it and 16 other Nip planes, 15 of them bombers, were shot down in the battle.  Seven other bombers and two more fighters were probably destroyed.  All American planes and crew members returned safely.

14th Hits Indo-China; Gives Aerial Support To Chinese Infantry
HEADQUARTERS 14TH USAAF – Continued bombing of Japanese installations at Cobi, in French Indo-China and on the Salween front have been the missions of the 14th Air Force, according to the only communiqué issued from 14th Headquarters this week. Although some anti-aircraft…

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