What I Learned from Private Drivers


Talking about being a freelancer, I must point out that I truly enjoy chatting up private drivers. I don’t have a license to drive yet hence my only form of transportation is through these private drivers.

Through the conversations I have with these private drivers, I learned a few life and business lessons.

file6221263245727Clarify if you don’t understand
The drivers never take a chance. They always asked me which road or which highway I would like to take. If they are not familiar with the location you are going, they will be quick to say so.

What I’ve learned:
Too often, we let our ego get the best of us and refuse to open our mouth to clarify or even to just tell the truth that we don’t know about something.

Strike up conversations to bond
They are the masters of networking. Especially when comes to talking about welfare, government…

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