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Journals 13.2 – Reminiscences of an Idler (Part 2)

Windows into History

This is the continuation of my article on Henry Wikoff’s journal. For the previous part, please see the entry posted on 7th March 2016.

Derby Day Derby Day, as painted by William Powell Frith in 1858.

Wikoff’s first exploration of London was an eye-opener for him, with everything on such a grand scale. He described the city as ‘Broobdignagian’, an adjective referring to the land of giants in Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift.

More bewildering still was the steady oceanic flow of its vast population — the pavements covered with pedestrians, and the roadways filled with ceaseless traffic the livelong day. In this prodigious conflux, this swarming mass of humanity, I dwindled down to the merest pigmy. Let no local magnate, with an immense sense of his self-importance, come to London. The discovery of his insignificance might be fatal…

Comfort, not show — repugnant to English taste — was a leading…

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The Lonely Author


For quite some time I have followed a gift writer, Sarah Doughty at her wonderful blog called Heartstring Eulogies. She has written many tiny pieces bursting with meaning. Whenever you have a chance drop by and read her work.


Sarah encouraged me to try to write a few myself. Here is my first, thanks to Sarah.


Her fingers
touched his skin
Her words
caressed his soul

Photo of Allie taken by me Valentine’s Day 2016.

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What You Can learn From Kim Jong Un

The Arts Mechanical

The man was thrust in a position he was completely unprepared for and is completely unable to mature and grow into the position.  He’s a very weak leader, unable to build consensus or demonstrate any leadership skills.  he was handed what was, probably the worst case of the consequences of bad management decisions ever.  He has made things worse.

We can learn some things from Mr. Kim.

Lesson #1: Don’t annihilate your enemies

Strong leaders don’t fear dissent because they’ve done the hard work to inspire genuine loyalty. Weak leaders, on the other hand, see anything short of pandering as a threat, and they’ll do whatever it takes to quash the threat.

After Kim’s defense minister, 66-year-old Hyon Yong-Chol, nodded off during a meeting earlier this year, Kim had him executed with a ZPU-4 anti-aircraft gun—a massive, four-barreled machine gun capable of firing 600 rounds per minute. Naturally, Kim had…

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