Rod Stewart And His Trains

Call me a “tomboy” if you want, but I love model trains

The Arts Mechanical

I hate it when nonmodelers talk about model trains.

I’m not a lover of rock  music so when Model Railroader did a writeup of Rod Stewart’s layout a few years back, I said who?  Then I read the article and said wow, that’s great work.  Especially when it was obvious that Mr. Stewart did the work himself. A great model railroad isn’t something you can just buy, no matter how rich you are.  It’s a labor of love that involves developing real skills and tens of thousands  of hours of painstaking work.  Most model railroads are never finished and disappear when their builders pass on, making them more or less ephemeral works of art.

To call what Mr. Stewart does, “playing with trains” is a direct insult.  Nobody says about even the crappiest painter or sculptor that they are just “playing with paint” or “playing…

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