Chapter 2: 1960-1963


This part is only covering 4 years since I had started school, wasn’t quite at the point where I knew more than those trying to teach me, although this period was spent in the company of fools at school who knew less than me.

In 1960 we had lost Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper (J.P. Richardson) and Richie Valens the year before, Cuba was in the pipeline, the war had been over for 15 years and rebuilding was going ahead throughout the country. In Europe 6 countries had formed an economic alliance to prevent another war. France, Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg were joining up with Italy and West Germany, when they asked Britain to join the Prime Minister retorted “Why would we join up with 4 countries we had to save from the other two less than a decade ago?”. In among all this mess I was going to school, at…

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