Little Things that you think it’s is employee’s right but irks the hell out of managers


I guess the title says it all. Things that gets on managers’ nerves but as much as we love to tell you off, we understand the little things brings a tiny piece of paradise to you at work. Just please don’t go overboard, eh?

dumplings-632206_960_720Eating at your desk
Employees usually reason it out as productive as they can eat and work at the same time. Cuts down the time, commuting to and fro from the cafeteria. However, a good manager will tell you that he rather you take your lunch elsewhere. For good reasons too!

1. Food attracts the undesirable
Ever wonder where the ants, roaches even rats came from?

2. Unbearable Smell
Some food smell is just disagreeable to others’ noses. And we are just too polite to ask you to eat in the toilet.

3. You make me Hungry
I can smell that delicious whiff of your chicken…

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