Getting Off Of the Swing of Things

Wide Awake But Dreaming

Try as I may today, I’m simply having the damnedest time trying to get my writing stuff down pat.  Just slow going everywhere–probably due in part to being tired after a somewhat restless sleep due to coughing through the night.  And when this happens, trying to get the pretty words to come out pretty–well, it ain’t pretty.

This doesn’t mean I’m just playing around doing nothing.  Nope, I’m playing around doing something.  Whenever I’m feeling as if I can’t really get a scene out the way I want, I start imagining trips that I’ll never take, but that are likely to be something my kids will go on one day.

"Really, I'm hard at work!" “Really, I’m hard at work!”

I’ve been doing this for a while, but in the last week my mind has been drifting to the future.  There is an event in their lives when Annie and Kerry decide to take the summer and…

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The Quiet Soldier Within You, Have You Ever Served?

Truth Troubles

This post today is one of contemplation, one where there is no correct or incorrect answer. When I was a young man I was of the belief that a man should serve at least two years active duty then two years reserve in service to their own country. This I felt was a great way for a young man to lose his ‘punk-ness’ and a great way to help a young man grow up into a decent adult human being, there is more ‘to it’ these days with the wars and such. I have never felt like a veteran though I know that by all legality I am. I am no war hero nor do I have battles to write books about, I was only active duty for seven months and I never left the States so there is no foreign love affair to write about either. I was struck…

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Setting Sail: Casting Off Lines

Wide Awake But Dreaming

I’ve written a whole lot about my kid’s relationship over the last two-and-a-half years, and now . . . well, it seems as if it’s really coming to a head right here and now in this part of the second novel.  They’ve had a difficult time of things over the last almost two years of their existence, which kinda sucks when you realized they’re finally getting ready to start out as teenagers.  At least it seems like they coming into the world as a couple of bad ass witches, but you know what happens when someone thinks you’re a bad ass, don’t you?

So now the day winds down, and remember this is still the same day that started in Chapter Twenty-seven with Kerry screaming his butt off in the middle of the night.  It’s night once more, and the scene is set to get them back to the point they…

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