This Eclectic East Village Happy Hour Spot is Still Under the Radar

Mary in Manhattan

A very interesting happy hour spot is tucked away in a little nook within a corner of the East Village. Between the French-Mediterranean cuisine and the organic wines, it’s definitely a place to go when you’re looking for a break from the usual.

wine barGrab the N, R, Q or 4, 5, 6 trains…or the L…or the F I suppose…WELL WHATEVER. Just get on a train and go after work to have a fab time.

Ruffian Wine Bar & Chef’s Table is an extremely new (opened in January) spot in the East Village. I was invited to a tasting of the new Five4Five deal that just started in February. It’s a discount on Michelin caliber bites between 5-7 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Each of the dishes are $5, and they are slammin. Yes, I said slammin. Because I was literally blown away by the Cauliflower and Miso soup.

cauliflower soupThey’re doing it…

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W/rites and Rhapsodies: Travel Israel and write poetry with Adeena Karasick and Michael Dickel

Jamie Dedes' THE POET BY DAY Webzine

OriginalThis is a very special event my friend Michael Dickel, Ph.D. has designed in concert with Adeena Karasick, Ph.D. You’ve read some of Michael’s work in The Poet by Day and some in The BeZine, where he is Contributing Editor.  Link HERE for an interview with Michael. J.D.

July 3-18 2016 Travel Israel—write poetry! Immerse yourself in a spectral past and resonant present with renowned poets and performers Adeena Karasick and Michael Dickel.

Deadline for registration is 15 April.

Registration: CLICK HERE

Write! Tour! Perform! Listen! Learn! Feast! Through the labyrinths of the old city of Jerusalem, mystical mountains of Tzfat, Bedouin villages, caves and waterfalls, The Dead Sea, Galilee, Masada at sunset, or on a camel through the Sinai, write through the specters of the past into a resonant present with tour leaders and renowned authors, performers and essayists, Adeena Karasick and Michael Dickel.

AdeenaAdeena Karasick, Ph.D. is…

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[11.46pm-12.00am, 15min]

For long-term growth, I must work on three issues daily: math, writing, and exercise. Devote an hour per day for each issue. I may not see payoffs in the short run. But if i do every day, the efforts must pay off in the long term.

More difficult part is to build the social network/community. Currently my contacts are mainly my coworkers. It is fine professionally, but they won’t impact my personal life much. On that level, I must take the initiative, reach out, and build new ones.

First, I should make good use of UCI. Attend seminars often. Also, check out the library for work. Do it next week. Second, participate in community activities. For example, find people to play basketball. Third, check out online communities. Again, not every attempt will be successful. But without trying, you will never know.

You must act, deliberately.

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