DoubleU = W


it may be played on

a different instrument


it may be sung in

a different tongue


it may be paced in

a different rhythm

but there

as it is here

it is the song

of death

the march to which

we parade toward

the grave


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The Arts Mechanical

This is a post for comments.  Please comment if you visit. Especially if you are from outside the US.  I see the views everyday and I wonder what it is that you see here. I want to know what the visitors from faraway lands see here.  Do you like what you see?  Do you hate what you see?  Do you think that I’m some sort of racist bigot?  Do you want to see more economic posts or are you waiting to see more “lets build stuff? Please let me know.

There’s more stuff coming that I’m working on and frankly I want to know if I’m on the right track.  The economic stuff gets the most attention, but quite frankly, it’s depressing to write.  The engineering stuff takes work and resources though. If I were to just do “lets build, there probably could be as long a month between posts  for some stuff going…

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Little Mrs. Visits Big Sur

Faith's True Tales

For whatever reason, this place makes me want to break out into Little Mermaid songs. I want to spin around a colorful hill and sing, “Look at this trove. Treasures untold. How many wonders can one cavern hold? Lookin’ around here you’d think. Sure, she’s got everything.” And while I may not have forks and cool-looking treasures, I feel like a virgin explorer, discovering something untouched for the very first time, despite the hundreds of tourists holding their iPhones in the air.

imageScreenshot 2016-01-23 at 8.12.43 PM

Every curve of the PCH is stunning but Big Sur is the million dollar picture perfect vignette. I’m happy to say that it’s easy to spot, as there’s zero service in the area. So don’t go at night if you’re paranoid about The Hills Have Eye’s characters throwing spontaneous spike strips in the middle of the road. You’re not tweeting, instagramming, or calling anyone here, which sometimes has its charm. Just say…

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