Idiosyncrasies of my Piscean Man

From my Pen to your Soul

How many of you have come across Piscean individuals in your life ? Well, I guess many of you. My question is how deeply you know them ? How well you understand them ? Can you describe them in few words or sentences ? Bravo ! If you can, I would love to read them and see how far your description matches mine !

This is the month of Pisceans, rather I would like to put it this way, most of the Pisceans are celebrating their birthdays this month !  The Piscean window, in fact, starts from mid Feb i.e., Feb 18 and continues till March 20. I was not much closely associated with the Pisceans; I knew only a handful of them. My aunt is a Piscean; and few of my friends and colleagues also come under this zodiac sign. But most importantly, the man of my heart is a Piscean ! Yes, my husband 🙂 So…

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