Demonstration of a Sleeping Car in Florida.

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This  is  a  demonstration  of  a  sleeping  car.  The  sleeping  car  is  an  old  car  from  the  Pennsylvania  Railroad  at  the  Florida  Railroad  Museum  in  Parrish,  Florida.  The  lady  in  the  demonstration  is  Heather,  a  volunteer  at  the  museum  who  willingly  volunteered  herself.

0  The  Bradenton  Sleeping  CarThis  is  the  Pullman  sleeping  car  from  the  Pennsylvania  Railroad.

1  The  HallwayLooking  down  the  hallway  from  the  Porter’s  area.

2  Heather  in  the  Porters  AreaOh,  this  is  Heather,  a  volunteer  at  the  Florida  Railroad  Museum  and  the  volunteer  for  the  demonstration.  She  is  standing  in  the  Porter’s  area.

3  Heathers  Boot  in  the  Shoe  CompartmentThis  is  Heater’s  boot  in  the  shoe  shine  box.  While  passengers  slept,  the  Porter  went  to  each  area  to  shine  the  passenger’s  shoes.  Obviously,  Heather’s  boot  is  kind  of  tall.

4  The  BedThe  bed.

5  Heather  Getting  Ready  for  BedHeather  getting  ready  for  bed.

6  Heather  Starting  Her  DayHeather  with  her  sock  off.

7  The  SeatA  Passenger  room  the  way  it  looks  when  the  beds  are  stored  away.

8  Heather  in  the  SeatThis  is  Heather  along  for  the  ride.

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