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There’s an apparent contradiction in the job hunting universe right now.  On the one hand Corporate type are screaming as to how they need to import people for technically skilled jobs.  On the other hand millions of technically skilled people can’t get jobs. There’s something really wrong going on here.

One question management should ask is this:”Why the good, experienced people aren’t applying to jobs on job boards anymore?” Or responding to their ATS Systems. Here’s a clue, those expensive systems are causing a communications breakdown that’s hurting your company.

This is good news to job-seekers, but you can’t get to these jobs by applying. Here’s why: jobs in the public market are filled by matching skills listed in the job posting with those found on the resume. At best, this is a poor process, and why most jobs in the public market take so long to fill. Jobs in the…

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Cruz Hopes to Tap Into Immense Popularity of Carly Fiorina

The article below is satire. Andy Borowitz is an American comedian and New York Times-bestselling author who satirizes the news for his column, “The Borowitz Report.”

n choosing the former Hewlett-Packard C.E.O. Carly Fiorina as his running mate, Senator Ted Cruz hopes to tap into the immense popularity of one of the most beloved public figures in America.

Minutes after the news of Cruz’s selection leaked, political insiders called the choice of the wildly adored Fiorina a game-changer for the Cruz campaign.

“It’s no secret that Ted Cruz has some trouble with likeability,” the Republican strategist Harland Dorrinson said. “What better way to fix that than by choosing Carly Fiorina, a person everyone is absolutely crazy about?”

Fiorina’s reputation for winning the hearts of everyone she comes in contact with dates back to her days as the incredibly well-liked C.E.O. of Hewlett-Packard and, before that, Lucent Technologies.

“At Lucent, she could light up any room with her smile,” former Lucent employee Tracy Klugian said. “If you had to say what people loved about working at Lucent Technologies, it all came down to two words: Carly Fiorina.”

“Carly was more than our boss: she was our hero,” Kent Bantwell, a former Hewlett-Packard employee, said. “There wasn’t a person in the company who wasn’t touched in some way by her kindness and humanity.”

Dorrinson, the Republican strategist, said Cruz’s campaign will see a huge boost from what is widely known in political circles as “the Fiorina magic.”

“Picking Fiorina was a masterstroke,” he said. “Now all Ted has to do is sit back and watch Carly do what she does best: make people fall in love her.”

Andy Borowitz, The New Yorker

How? the System? Works?

Barataria - The work of Erik Hare

If you’re paying attention to things like the Arizona primary, you probably wonder what could possibly go wrong next. This cluster-eff of an event featured 60 polling places where 200 were normal, creating miles-long lines and many hours of wait just to vote.

Of course, if you’re a cynic, you might say that the attempts at voter intimidation worked perfectly.

But that’s the strange miracle of an election cycle that has been so incredibly surprising that nothing, absolutely nothing has gone by the script. The systems we have are being strained to the point where we have to ask why we have them in the first place. The cynics? As always, it’s easy to point out places where our Democratic-Republic was deliberately designed to be less than open. Systems, as we know them, are hardly designed for today’s world – that much is true.

But today we have light shone…

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Small Town Ways


With a warm spring finally here and hotter weather to follow, a store near me has filled its seasonal section with all things summer. Though still April, I saw stacks of Fourth of July themed party supplies, plastic cups for poolside use, and a display of various sunscreens. It was the sunscreen display that reminded me of a day trip I took years ago with my kids.

The three of us set off to spend a day on the beach of a small town I’ve visited all my life and I knew the kids would enjoy sun, sand, and saltwater. As for me, I immediately felt calmer simply leaving work, traffic, and fast-paced living. While the kids argued in the back over who would be first to get in the water once we arrived, I drove and looked forward to experiencing again the small town ways I love but see disappearing. It’s hard to describe those ways, but…

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Intermission (6) – Fort MacDill, Tampa/St. Pete, FL

Pacific Paratrooper


(Tribune News Service) — John Murphy was shocked by his first glimpse of MacDill Field.

It was in late 1940, about four months before MacDill, formally known as Southeast Airbase, officially was activated on April 16, 1941. It was named in honor of Col. Leslie MacDill, a World War I veteran and aviation pioneer who died in a plane crash.

“When I got into the area the runway was still under construction, and so was the housing,” Murphy says. “My first quarters was in a tent in a place called Boomtown, where I slept in an Army cot. The tent was surrounded by palmetto branches, and when the wind blew, it sounded like rattlesnakes.”

Marching at MacDill Marching at MacDill

Murphy, now 95 and living in Biloxi, Mississippi, was among the first to arrive at the base as it was carved from the scrub in the days before the U.S. entered World War…

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I’ve Earned A Say About Social Insecurity

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I ran into a brochure from AARP recently.  The brochure is advocating, as should be no surprise that the elderly “Keep Social Security Strong.”  Unfortunately while it get some of the facts right, the brochure doesn’t contain the most import fact of all.  That is that there is no more money for the Ponzi Scheme anymore.

That’s  the problem with all pyramid, schemes, whether it’s Bernie Madoff, Multi Level marketing or Social Security.  The big difference being that the government put Madoff in jail and points guns at people’s heads to make them pay ever higher taxes until things collapse.

Here’s a scan of the brochure.  I couldn’t find a copy online. I did find an archived web page.


Here’s the problem:

Social Security: The challenges

  • Funding shortfalls: Social Security can pay full benefits for nearly 25 years, provided the U.S. Treasury repays the money it has borrowed from Social Security. After…

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