My coffee and me !

From my Pen to your Soul

Can’t think of a more perfect Saturday afternoon than this one ! When I am all alone (hubby at office) and sipping a cup of hot fresh brewed sugar-less coffee !!!


Coffee – a one-stop solution to any kind of stress, any mood swing, any boredom, any lethargy !

Coffee – A perfect friend at any time of the day; early morning or evening – Coffee can make the difference.

Coffee – A bang-on energy drink that can keep you up and running. A revitalizer, a therapist !

Coffee – A taste bud sensitizer

Coffee – A soul companion while facing the hard times at your work place. A stress buster !

Coffee – A perfect remedy after a fight or a break-up ! Coffee knows well how to mend your heart…how to keep low your adrenaline rush !

I cannot imagine my day without a cup of coffee. Have…

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