Day 1188: So what do you think the meaning of life is?

The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

So what do you think the meaning of life is?

So I (and Merriam-Webster) think the meaning of life is

the ability to grow, change, etc., that separates plants and animals from things like water or rocks
: the period of time when a person is alive
: the experience of being alive

So I think the meaning of life is

what you make it.

So what do you think the meaning of life is, in these photos I took yesterday?



So what do you think the meaning of life is?


So what do you think the meaning of life is, in the following photos?

So I think those photos have special meaning in my life, because they show my son in Edinburgh, Scotland, where he’ll be attending university.

So what do I think the meaning of life is? So I don’t think I could explain it all in…

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Never Meant For You

The Lonely Author

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Never Meant For You

Just because
you’re my grand obsession
my beautiful poetic muse
doesn’t mean these little words
were meant for you
we both know
there is a clock by my bed
that marks every lonely hour
you’re not by my side
that doesn’t mean
I wrote these words for you
yes, I admit
my lips ache for you
as I breathe your words
crave your prose
which flow through my burning veins
that doesn’t mean these words
were written for you
just because
you’re my north and my south
and I refuse to live
a day without your poetry
as your words fill me with joy
as your rhymes beat with my heart
don’t read between blurred lines
just get over it
these little words were
never meant for you

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Staying Productive as a Freelancer


Previously, I have posted articles and tips on Time Management and how apps increase my productivity. However, being a freelancer, time is pretty much controlled by yourself. Unless, of course, your clients dictate on the time you need to work, otherwise, it is pretty much left to individuals to manage their time as long as work gets done and projects get submitted right on time.

Many of you have wondered how I managed to post an article almost every day and still have time for my clients, my family (not forgetting my attention demanding kittens) and myself. My clients sometimes wonder as well and often pop the question how did I manage to juggle it all. Today, I shall share my secrets and see if you are able to apply these tricks to your daily lives as well.


Work Anywhere and Everywhere
As I’m writing this, I’m slurping my noodles…

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A word of advice to anyone who wants to change the world…Dünyayı değiştirmek isteyen herkese benden bir tavsiye…Omar Suleiman



semras-plt1A word of advice to anyone who wants to change the world:

Your family’s right upon you is greater than all other 7 billion members of the worlds population combined. The admiration of a million people pales in comparison to the smile you put on the face a parent, spouse, or child. They will carry your name and legacy in this world, and testify for or against you on the day of judgment. If you want them to remember you tomorrow, you have to be there for them today. So change the world and do your best to care for everyone, but don’t let your positive influence exclude the people who need you most.


Dünyayı değiştirmek isteyen herkese benden bir tavsiye:

Ailenin senin üzerindeki hakları, toplam dünya nüfusunun 7 milyar üyesinin hepsinden daha fazladır. Anne babanızın, eşinizin ya da çocuğunuzun yüzünü güldürmenizle kıyaslandığında, bir milyon insanın takdiri dahi sönük kalır…

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Kings Canyon National Park

Grumpy Railroad

Todays day trip brought us to Kings Canyon National Park!    3 National Parks in 8 days!!  Go to love Central California!   Such  quick and easy day trip,  we left the house at 7:00 am,  were up there in less than two hours with no traffic on the roads at all.

We went straight to General Grants Tree.  Situated in a wonderful grove of amazing sequoias! If you have not been to this location, I’d suggest you get there early like we did to beat the crowds, or even better get there in the early spring when the crowds are light!  For those that don’t know me,  I do not like crowds! haha

We then went to Overlook,  looking out over Kings Canyon and the Sequoia National Forest.  Amazing views from high up on the mountain.    Snow was still on the ground, but it was still an amazing…

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The Spy Who Loves You

The Lonely Author


The Spy Who Loves You

I sauntered into the royal casino so grand
me a tuxedo chimp so suave and debonair
prepared for a night of dangerous espionage
cause scoundrels were lurking everywhere

I studied the environment to make my move
my instincts led me to the only seat untaken
burly Bartender asked “what’s your poison?”
I smiled, “Chocolate milk stirred not shaken”

a sexy lady crossed long legs that led to paradise
“My name is Sugar Ann Spice and I’m feeling blue”
I flashed a smart smile, “Author, Lonely Author
tonight, lucky lady I’ll be the spy who loves you”

With a wink I suggested a game of naked Twister
would she be interested in taking an odd chance
she admired a roll of silver dollars in my pocket
and dared to ask if that was a gun in my pants

Oh what a painful double cross for Chimpy…

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I Ponder, Why Am I Pondering?

philosophical Epiphany

           My surroundings became astoundingly gray as my mind focused elsewhere. The mind ignored everything in space as it reflected on its own thinking. Reflecting isn’t the best word choice; rather, drowned in its own thinking. Yet, I remained distant from grasping the true nature of the mental state in which I was engulfed in. Did I avidly choose to be in that state? Is ‘free will’ involved? those were questions I prepared to tackle later; but for now, on a cellular level it seems that I am utilizing every ATP molecule to ‘guide’ my attention to the task of deciphering the root cause of my thinking. Guide, that is the word, I was possessed by the very task that I immersed my mind in, and I began to weave the philosophical ocean. My mind drifted slightly, as I ironically ‘pondered’ further; why am I taking on this…

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Sugar coated simplicity

Perspectives on Life, the Universe and Everything

Perceived hard truths
no matter how many
layers coated, quoted
with niceties, graces
Mind races, to judgments
assuming all was absolute
Heart resolutes, to make
it all work again, regain
trust lost, immense cost
Little does it know
when it lightly snows
a mighty storm brewing
just nearby, spewing
doomsday predictions
questioning existence
Contradictions, are they real
aren’t these so called
post walled, dark truths
nothing but figments
pigments of coloured
perception called reality
Singularity, duality
Who is to say what
is real or fake
Mind’s intake
is limited when such
fundamental beliefs
are challenged, relief
is sought, by having some
sugar coated pills
paying your bills
and sleeping in blissful
Ignorance, with assurance
Sun will shine tomorrow
Life will be just an ordinary day
You will have a say, in matters
What relate to you, me
and how hard truths we see

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