10 Thoughts that can Motivate you to do Anything


I am a follower of Entrepreneur, among many business and career publications, that is how I always manage to stay updating on the current career trendings that are always evolving. And one of my favourite website that I came across today is this: 50 thoughts that can motivate you to do anything. 

After going through this article, I thought it would be fun to come up with my favourite 10 thoughts out of the Entrepreneur’s 50 thoughts and share with you here.


  1. I can do anything.
    Don’t let these words reach the ears of the millennials. This phase is much better said to us, the old folks. The older we are, the more it is necessary to repeat us. Best to put on the loop. We seen so much we are cynical what is going on in this world. There used to be a time where we pooh-pooh over the idea…

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