Today’s Pirates – the Panama Papers

Barataria - The work of Erik Hare

Have you ever wanted to be a pirate? If being free on the high seas has an allure you may want to think again. Today’s pirates don’t have ships or parrots, nor do they take over other ships at sea. They’ve gone bigtime, making a lot more money off of the very lucrative practice of making money disappear even more surely than burying it in the ground.

That’s what has been shown in the “Panama Papers”, a huge stash of 11 million documents taking up about 2.5 terabytes of data. The leak of papers from Panamanian firm Mossack Fonseca is about ten times the size of Edward Snowden’s leak – and none of the secrets revealed are about security.

This is about money. Lots of it.

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9 Months Journey


Every month on the 7th as I report my journey, it never fails to amaze myself how much support I get and how I manage to write so much! Now easily with over 200 articles, MiddleMe has moved on to diversify itself to bring more value and insight to our readers.

First up, if you have noticed, recently we have Eva introducing healthy office snacks to us. We are going to have David to show us how to do simple workouts at your desk. I have tried it and it works! So look out for his article next week! If you have any inspiration for a guest post in MiddleMe and you would love to contribute, I welcome you to drop in your ideas at


Secondly, I have my very own LinkedIn account! I admit I did set up a while ago but I did not update it…

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Mother, Madre, Mère, Mutter, Mãe, Μητέρα, Mama, Mor, майка, Moeder, 母亲, мат,Ibu,Ummi,.أمي. Anne ღ ღ



semras world mom 1

My mother is everywhere…
In the perfume of a rose,
The eyes of a tiger,
The pages of a book,
The food that we partake,
The whistling wind of the desert,
The blazing gems of sunset,
The crystal light of full moon,
The opal veils of sunshine.

~~ Grace Seton-Thompson

Annem her yerde…
Bir gül kokusunda,
Bir kaplanın gözlerinde,
Bir kitabın sayfalarında,
Yediğimiz yemekte,
çölün fırtınasında,
Günbatımının pırıldayan cevherinde,
Dolunayın kristal ışığında,
Gün doğumunun tüllerinde .

~~ Grace Seton-Thompson

semras world mom 1

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Elektra (2005)


Maybe this is the reason why Frank did not want Elektra to return from the grave…a shallow movie was foreseen!


20th Century Fox in association with New Regency Enterprises, Horseshoe Bay Productions, Epsilon Motion Pictures, Elektra Productions, SAI Productions and Marvel Studios present…

From her debut in Marvel Comics Daredevil No. 168 on January 1981, creator Frank Miller wanted better reasons not just to expand the story of Daredevil but to give him something to fight for, someone to die for! I can easily commend his machinations; his intense gritty take on his work and the characters he brings is given life in the comic book pages of imagination and uncertainty!

The frontrunner of the origins was an antecedent to many women, fallen and tragic all the same and in spite of his blindness he can’t help still to be mesmerized with their charm, wit or even their sad…

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