Falling Everyday

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Falling Everyday

Allie you will always
be my divine angel
my dream come true
cause every morning
when I open my eyes
I fall in love with you

Photo of Allie taken (April 8, 2014) at our birthday celebration.

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Intermission Story (1) – SeaBees on Bougainville

Pacific Paratrooper


Landing under fire at Empress Augusta Bay, Bougainville, Seabees first joined with Marines in defending the beaches against counter-attack, then got busy on construction of military roads feeding front lines. The fighting builders ran one of their roads 700 yards in advance of the Marines’ front lines before the Leathernecks yelled for them to hold up a while.

Sizable detachments of Seabees, who stormed ashore with Marine assault trrops in the first,second, and third waves to land on Bougainville in the Solomon Islands, distinguished themselves by the skill and valor with which they filled their combat assignments.

As the invasion forces approached the enemy beaches, the Seabees manned machine guns on Higgins boats, tank lighters and landing craft. Dare-devil builders leaped ashore from the first boats to nudge…

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Open Advice: Education Direction


I’ll like to try something new and allow more interaction with my readers. I have a reader’s letter below and instead of me giving the advice, YOU dish your advice out. I’ll consolidate my advice with yours and repost this article out next week.

Dear MiddleMe,

I have not started working yet but the next step that I am about to take will affect my choice of career for the rest of my life. I am starting university next year and I haven’t quite figure out what I like to do.

My parents have different opinions about the courses I should take. My dad thinks I should learn to be more assertive and will benefit if I take up a business course. My mum prefers that I invest my time in technology or engineering classes because she is an engineer and her dad was an engineer before. My parents have…

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Into the Night

There she was

appearing again

standing in the half-light

the moon in her hand.

Honeysuckle watfting

intense white

in the night.

Dreams speak of dragons

most honorable knight

diffusing dense magic

in the sultry moonlight.

A goddess of mystery,

a Centaur’s daughter

a Giver of Forgiveness,

a Crafter of Disorder.

Intoxicating thoughts,

a cosmic creation,

reality borders blurred

mind topples

from concentration.

From supernatural,

she comes

as myths she creates

feigned innocence at once

in tempting the Fates.

Reaching towards infinity

grasping thin air

like a dove in flight

a mermaid so fair.

And on distant dreams

such fairy children go

showering imagination

melting memories in tow.


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