How to Set Some Monthly Goals: April

How To Get Things Done in 10 Ways

I can’t believe it’s April! The best month ever, since it’s also my birthday month!

Sorry if I got any of you with my earlier April Fool’s Day joke. I just couldn’t resist! Anyway, let’s take a look at things I’m trying to accomplish this month. It’s a busy month for sure, but I want to hopefully squeeze a lot of this stuff in!


1.Walk 5,000 to 10,000 steps a day. We’ve got this step challenge going at work and I need to win it! Plus, with vacation prep, I really can’t lose on this one!

2.Keep off the weight I lost in March.I still have a whole month and a half left to go until vacation! I cannot undo everything I did last month! Gotta keep on it!

3.Try oil pulling.Amanda Bella’s post intrigued me. I really want to try it a few…

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Rebecca’s Place


Here’s a clip from one of the medieval flashbacks in my forthcoming novel, Hippies.


She was standing in a long hall with post-and-beam walls. The floor was covered with rushes, and on the timber of the walls hung dyed linen cloths decorated with embroidery. There was little furniture – a couple of long wooden benches against the wall, a chest, a trestle table holding a small earthenware pot filled with sprigs of sage and basil and rosemary. The man who had spoken to her of Jeremiah sat on a stool at the table sopping a crust of dark rye bread back and forth in a mug of small beer. His sharp features and curly black hair and severe bearing had not changed. The narrow windows had no glass but were shuttered against the rain, which was coming down hard outside.

Another man opened the door and charged in…

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The Swallow

I found a wounded swallow

battered from this world

curled upon leaves of falsity

fragile as it was

chemistry thrown askew

she had tried to fly

flee a violent storm

now adrift with herself

alone carrying her wounds

despair to last a lifetime

and she was to rise again

but not as a Phoenix

to tempt a brief flight

a short escape

storms of regret rampaging

when this existence

became too great

she alighted once more

to consider it all

before discarding the burdens

of a tainted existence

to head into the ultimate blue


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