The 113, Gold Coast Railroad Museum, Miami, Florida

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The  113  Gold  Coast  Railroad  Museum  Miami  FloridaThis  is  the  113  Steam  Locomotive  on  display  at  the  Gold  Coast  Railroad  Museum  in  Miami,  Florida.

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The Raven's Nest


Sinking lies or rising truth…Visual Echo, Mirror

I breathe on it and my life spread a foggy spell enough to blur all harshness and sharp definitions. Do I exist without reflection, thoughts and images are one in the mercury cloud?

Others see me like that?

Weapon of deceit, fear, mirrors can hide you better than an invisibility cloak. But you know.

Gateway, witness, charm, spell, light and darkness, whether whole or broken it is who you are for the others, it is who you are in the present it gives back what it receives.

I don’t see your reflection now I only see you. The mirror turned into water or sky, your hand approaches the water wall.

Crossing is accessible.

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