April 9, 2016


I am almost finished with my current writing class, and then I will go on to four more classes that involve writing.

I think that we should always thank God for giving us families that care about us so much deeply. Our lives are being enriched with lots of friends. Love has to be in us, but not by getting stuff, because getting stuff you like so much isn’t love. It’s just being greedy. The love I mean is of not misunderstandings, and overcome whatever negative feelings we have towards each other. Use your time getting involved with friends and families. God will be the happiest if you do this.

I always love the kind of entertainment I would like to watch, listen, and read. But, don’t get too obsessed in it. There are far more important things to do. Love yourself. One day you will matter to the world…

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The first meeting !

From my Pen to your Soul

Meera was a quiet simple girl. Born to a middle-class family and being the eldest of the three siblings (followed by two younger brothers), she always had a sense of responsibility and maturity since early childhood. Being from a remote village in India, she had grown up in an orthodox and conservative environment – a surrounding that encouraged girls to be inferior than boys. A society where the birth of a girl child was seen as an event of misery; whereas, the birth of every male child was marked as an event of celebration and joy. A society where girls were not allowed to work post studies, not allowed to voice their opinion on any subject, not allowed to roam about freely, not allowed to eat on the same table as the boys, not allowed to wear the clothes as they like ! It was a tradition to get them married by the age…

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Breakaway Links Of The Day – 4/12/2016


Zy Marquiez
April 12, 2016

Today, the economy is at the forefront, along with some dismaying statistics regarding part of the American ‘education’ system.  Dr. Farrell gives his take regarding this, and a personal anecdote which couples with the current trends.

Oh, Big Pharma is also touched upon regarding their ever profitable, but unreliable chemotherapy.

Hope all is well, and everyone is safe.

The Rise Of The Fourth Reich [Part 1]
A rather salient read by Nielson concerning the rising trend in fascism and how its still plaguing us to this day. 
[Source: BullionBullsCanada.com | Jeff Nielson ]

The Depletion Of Human Energy – Reversing The Trend
If you know of Rappoport’s work, you know his work on imagination and how underrated and downright suppressed it has become over time. 
[Source: JonRappoport.wordpress.com | Jon Rappoport]

The Results Are In!  Federal Department Of Education Has Done Its…
The above information…

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Fragments of Me (Words)

The Lonely Author


Fragments Of Me  (Words)

My father emphasized the importance of being a man of your word.

My mother recited sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt you.

I remember the night I learned about the power of words.

We visited a friend of my father. Mingling adults with drinks in hand and hyperactive children filled every room of the dinner party.

Not interested in watching my father drink, I sought refuge.

To my surprise I discovered an oasis as I entered a room of wall to wall books. Nearing a shelf, a closing door startled me.

“Did I scare you?” Robert the home owner asked.

Silent, my gaze returned to the books.

Robert sat behind a large wood desk, “Do you like to read?”

Looking at the man with the graying temples and thick framed glasses, I smiled, “Yeah.”

“Did your father tell you I…

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John Cowgill's Literature Site

It was a very late bitterly cold evening outside of the village of Povost.  The people were gathered to watch a young woman named Gretel wearing thick brown coat and shabby green dress with white frills standing barefoot on a wooden stool that was sitting on a bale of hay.  A rope was strung around a tree with the noose around her neck.  The people were shouting, “Kill the witch!  Kill the witch!”

Tears were rolling down her face as she felt the insults towards her.  The village leader walked up and stood at the edge of the hay bales in front of her.

“Gretel,” he said, “you are guilty of witchcraft.”

“I am innocent,” she wept.

“So,” he quickly interrupted, “you continue with your lies.  I condemn you to a brutal death.”

“I am not a witch,” she pleaded as two men carrying torches approached her.  “You have no…

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The Mess At NEST

The Arts Mechanical

A while back I posted about getting stuff made in the US and included some videos about Tony Faddell and the NEST thermostat.


Apparently things aren’t going too well for NEST and they are dropping parts of the line and more importantly dropping the servers that the home devices depend on, leaving the homeowners high and dry.


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The thing is that I had some misgivings back in 2012 when I heard Faddell’s talk at Solidworks  World.  That was before NEST expanded beyond thermostats, but even that was enough to give me some misgivings.  This was due to the fact that I had spent ten years behind the hardware store counter and Faddell had not.

Which meant that I knew that turnkey soloutions aren’t a good thing for houses, or for that matter anything larger than a…

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