No String Attached

The Lonely Author


No Strings Attached

He played with your heart
He toyed with your mind
Controlled your emotions
Like puppet on a string

Why waste your time
With a player like that
When you can love me
With no strings attached

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The Hard Way to Heaven

Poet Rummager

Photo by –FlyTrapMan–


Mama told me never to play in the dark.

Be a good girl. Get down on your knees only in church.

He stood in the shadows with his back to the light.

I told myself to let him go; not to reach out tonight.

My fingers had a will of their own; possessed and in a trance.

When he felt my hands, he melted, and my heart sang.

His eyes glinted as he spilled secrets never told before.

I, too, have something to share. I drew him closer evermore.

What I revealed made his eyes grow large –

and something else grew quite hard.

Sorry mama, I never could listen.

I’ll say my prayers. Perhaps I can still reach heaven.

**This poem was inspired by a humorous conversation with Anthony from Famous After I’m Dead.  His poem, This Tonight was also an inspiration. (Click here to…

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Japan – Down the Rabbit Hole

Barataria - The work of Erik Hare

For all we complain about low growth and dimming prospects here in the US, it’s a problem that has plagued the developed world. If anything, we’re doing quite well, thank you. Europe is still struggling to get out of the depression, with high unemployment – especially among their youth. China and other developing nations appear to have hit a wall, unable to round the corner and step up to developed nation status.

And then, there is Japan. “Basket Case” doesn’t begin to describe it.

We last checked in with them over three years ago when Shinzo Abe became Prime Minister and instituted what has been called “Abenomics”. Call it “Supply Side” if you want, as it emphasized growth in the money supply and a cheap Yen to stimulate growth in production. Call it “A license to print money by the Bank of Japan (BOJ)” if you’re a cynic.

But the…

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Environmental Racism Persists, and the EPA Is One Reason Why


The EPA office tasked with policing alleged civil rights abuses is chronically unresponsive to complaints and has never made a formal finding of discrimination

he invasion of sewer flies moved residents of University Place subdivision to turn to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for help. Darting from a neighboring sewage plant, the flies descended upon the mostly African-American neighborhood in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, with such regularity that one resident posted this warning sign: Beware of attack fly.

In 2009, residents grew so sickened by the flies, odors and pollution emanating from the city’s North Wastewater Treatment Plant that they sought out the federal agency that has touted the importance of tackling environmental racism.

“The citizens of University Place Subdivision are still suffering through the dreadful, unhealthy, and downright shameful conditions forced upon this community,” wrote Gregory Mitchell, whose mother, Mamie, erected that attack-fly warning atop her home, in a complaint

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Morocco, Essaouira – Medieval Time Travel

Have Bag, Will Travel

29Morocco Souk

Walking around the Medina and the Souks I got a sense that very little has changed here for several hundred years.

Like almost everyone I guess, I have always been fascinated by the possibility of time travel and in the heart of the old town it was possible to imagine stepping back to the Middle Ages but this, let me tell you, was just about as close to Medieval as I would probably want to get.

There is a tourist attraction in York (UK) which recreates a Viking village complete with sights, sounds and smells.  This I thought was similar except it is for real. There are some curious odours, that’s for sure.  In the butchers souk huge beef carcasses hang and release the aroma of slaughtered animals and blood soaked sawdust while close by fresh killed chickens dangle from hooks, in the fish souk there were more fish heads and…

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