The Hard Way to Heaven

Poet Rummager

Photo by –FlyTrapMan–


Mama told me never to play in the dark.

Be a good girl. Get down on your knees only in church.

He stood in the shadows with his back to the light.

I told myself to let him go; not to reach out tonight.

My fingers had a will of their own; possessed and in a trance.

When he felt my hands, he melted, and my heart sang.

His eyes glinted as he spilled secrets never told before.

I, too, have something to share. I drew him closer evermore.

What I revealed made his eyes grow large –

and something else grew quite hard.

Sorry mama, I never could listen.

I’ll say my prayers. Perhaps I can still reach heaven.

**This poem was inspired by a humorous conversation with Anthony from Famous After I’m Dead.  His poem, This Tonight was also an inspiration. (Click here to…

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