The Raven's Nest


She is wearing red shoes for him.

She think it hides the blood and make her look more assured but it does the reverse. They look heavy and misplaced on her. A murder of Ravens are pulling her hair towards the clouds while fish gather at her feet thinking they have finally found their long lost family members. The black and the red in 2 directions…

He is not there and never will be. The red and the black are nothing to him as well as the blood and the clouds. His world is full and there is no place left for the red shoes to walk on or the ravens to play in full flight.

So she removes the shoes slowly abandoning them behind, peeling them off the dried blood and let the ravens take her away by the hair.

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A Durable City

Barataria - The work of Erik Hare

The noise of construction and the vision of cranes on the horizon has become a feature of urban life in Minneapolis and St Paul lately, at least in some neighborhoods. The construction industry is booming, and the structures of choice are large apartment buildings. The demand appears insatiable – and no one is building condominiums. It’s all apartments, reaching to the sky in large complexes of 100 units and more.

My own neighborhood, West Seventh, is one of the hot-spots for this development craze. But are these units a good idea? Is this what the city needs? Or are we simply building the slums of tomorrow, today?

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Breakaway Links Of The Week – 4/11/2016 – 4/17/2016


Zy Marquiez
April 17, 2016

This week, the infamous Panama Papers lead the way for what turned out to be quite the dicey week.  Although not all is what it seems in respect to that latest information leak.

Moving along the line of stunning developments, Robert De Niro opened up quite saliently and unexpectedly about vaccines and autism, considering there was a concerted effort by the comptrollers to shut him up from speaking out about what’s taking place and also from spreading information from the documentary VAXXED.

Coupled with that, nurses are beginning to take the stand in respect to genetically modified foods, Zika propaganda is back in the fold & the USDA once again throws consumers under the bus by not doing its job in a recent development.

Lastly, the demand for real – organic – food is reaching new heights as countless new farms are moving towards…

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Horrible Bosses (2011)


A comedy that strains so much neck muscle laughing at this half-twitted trio who just wants to have a better workplace to live in!

Horrible Bosses

Warner Bros. Pictures in association with Rat Entertainment and New Line Cinema present…

Everyday we go to work, wake up in the morning, take a bath, brush our teeth, commute or drive ourselves to our very own cubicles. It’s a routine that gives us the privilege to live a life to be sustained and it’s a guaranteed fact despite a few…well let’s just say some people who could be a hindrance to our aspirations in life!

The Boss, a person who gives the proper direction, instructions and managing his or her subordinates to be able to perform and exceed upon the given expectations of the company! In this case, it’s the other way around, it’s farfetched let alone overkill to my aforementioned statement.

The story gives…

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That memory of you

Perspectives on Life, the Universe and Everything

longevity of
some precious moments
which last till eternity
in your memories,

when all else fails,
Thoughts start leaving you,
you still hold onto,
lasting, tasting that feeling,

how soft were those lips,
how eyes smiled,
how we flew in the air,
Stayed there for a while

warmness of temple,
blushing cheeks,
long full eye lashes,
slowly opening bliss

as you hold onto
prolonging, extending
tongue bending
passion sending, kiss

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