Breakaway Links Of The Day 4-18-2016


Zy Marquiez
April 18, 2016

Today we have disturbing aspects of the direction that American Education is headed into covered by Dr. Farrell from separate avenues, while we also have two links on the dangers of vaccinations.

If you are a parent, know anybody that vaccinates regularly, or are someone seeking additional information, please check out Jon Rappoport’s piece on vaccination.  Its a great starting point for those that haven’t begun sifting through the data available.

In the cornerstone of corruption, Big Pharma’s ways are covered at length by Dr. Mercola, while the folks at DailyBell penned an excellent piece regarding how financial privacy is undergoing a full-court press.

There are eight links in all, but each with vital information for those seeking information that the mainstream media rarely covers.

Hope all is well.

Without Fanfare, Financial Privacy Was Wiped out Last Week
[Source: | Staff]

Vaccine Damage…

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