Woman Starts Antiharrasing Database Kickstarter.

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Get’s learned by SJW’s real quick

Now when I saw this story come out of the intertubes I didn’t really pay much attention.


It seemed like part of the usual activity by SJWs and Social Autopsy seemed to me be a bad idea. I should have paid more attention, because the heart of the story gets complicated and rather interesting.

First of all Candace was rather naïve about how the internet works. Or at least the part of it that I seem to inhabit.  The part where all too many emotionally unstable undeveloped personalities with electronic amplifiers will destroy people with any excuse at all.  All she wanted to do was make public the old kind of bullying, the kind that many of had to endure  in high school. We were children, indeed.


Instead, her modest Kickstarter ran right into the world of the professional cyberbully/victim SJW machine.   Listening to…

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Spatters of Dragon Blood

Barataria - The work of Erik Hare

The “Panama Papers” were a delight for conspiracy theorists, who have long contended that the global monetary system is fundamentally corrupt and that world leaders are skimming huge amounts of money off the top of it. They are, of course, correct.

But lost in the salacious details of the story has been the real business of Mossack Fonseca, which is moving money out of China. We’ve covered this story before when the official estimates were that half a trillion left China last year alone. That number, it turns out, was off by at least as much again – and possibly much more.

At least a trillion dollars left China last year through a wide variety of creative means. Mossack Fonseca’s offices in Hong Kong handle a third of their total business, moving money around the globe through over 60k shell companies at an incredible pace. How much? That’s the…

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Jobs that can be replaced by a Freelancer


As the world is evolving and relying heavily on the digital world and technology, it is no wonder many companies especially the start-ups and small businesses are open to hiring freelancers to run their operations. This is actually a pretty smart move, considering that the companies get to keep the costs down with the option to cut back on full-time manpower, office equipment, spaces, health insurance etc just by using freelancers.

There are already jobs that are relying on freelancers such as private drivers, real estate agents, insurance agents, tutors, babysitters and door to door salesman. Today, we’re going to explore jobs that potentially can be taken over by freelancers working from home.

Telemarketers / Lead Generators
Not surprising that many have already taken on freelancers to do this role. They are only required to follow a script and all they need is a computer, headphones, a software like Skype…

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SnapChat of Facebook – Supply Chain Social Media


The end of the supply chain (retail) is probably the only place that makes any sense for any kind of social media activity. At least that’s the common belief. What would a supplier, manufacturer, 3PL, or any other part of the supply chain hope to gain from a Facebook page, a Twitter stream, or even a Google+ account?
The answer is that it depends on what your goals are and who you are trying to reach. There is also a difference in social media platforms, how they work and what you can reasonably expect to accomplish with each. Rather than list them and their possible uses, it’s more important that a company develop a set of goals and then a strategy to accomplish those goals.

Disregarding retailers, who have fairly obvious uses for social media for engaging with customers and developing positive impressions of the company, other supply chain participants…

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It’s time America’s two party system goes

Pertinent Problems

If you were to say that Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump were to be competitive candidates for their respective parties nominations just a year ago, you would probably have been branded crazy.

And quite rightly so. For much of American history political parties have not been anywhere as polarised as they currently are. This deterioration of bipartisanship has led to one of the most gridlocked and ineffective American congresses seen in living memory.

c4cbcf900b814c55aba5d434fdf0fa7f Congress has become increasingly unproductive, which is one of the many symptoms of increased party polarisation.

A Gallup poll conducted last year found that the number of Americans who identify politically as independents has risen steadily, reaching a record high of 43% as of 2014, outperforming the 30% who call themselves Democrats and the 26% who say they are Republicans.

Now, of course most of these people will resign themselves to voting for these two parties in…

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