It’s time America’s two party system goes

Pertinent Problems

If you were to say that Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump were to be competitive candidates for their respective parties nominations just a year ago, you would probably have been branded crazy.

And quite rightly so. For much of American history political parties have not been anywhere as polarised as they currently are. This deterioration of bipartisanship has led to one of the most gridlocked and ineffective American congresses seen in living memory.

c4cbcf900b814c55aba5d434fdf0fa7f Congress has become increasingly unproductive, which is one of the many symptoms of increased party polarisation.

A Gallup poll conducted last year found that the number of Americans who identify politically as independents has risen steadily, reaching a record high of 43% as of 2014, outperforming the 30% who call themselves Democrats and the 26% who say they are Republicans.

Now, of course most of these people will resign themselves to voting for these two parties in…

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