Jobs that can be replaced by a Freelancer


As the world is evolving and relying heavily on the digital world and technology, it is no wonder many companies especially the start-ups and small businesses are open to hiring freelancers to run their operations. This is actually a pretty smart move, considering that the companies get to keep the costs down with the option to cut back on full-time manpower, office equipment, spaces, health insurance etc just by using freelancers.

There are already jobs that are relying on freelancers such as private drivers, real estate agents, insurance agents, tutors, babysitters and door to door salesman. Today, we’re going to explore jobs that potentially can be taken over by freelancers working from home.

Telemarketers / Lead Generators
Not surprising that many have already taken on freelancers to do this role. They are only required to follow a script and all they need is a computer, headphones, a software like Skype…

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