Woman Starts Antiharrasing Database Kickstarter.

The Arts Mechanical

Get’s learned by SJW’s real quick

Now when I saw this story come out of the intertubes I didn’t really pay much attention.


It seemed like part of the usual activity by SJWs and Social Autopsy seemed to me be a bad idea. I should have paid more attention, because the heart of the story gets complicated and rather interesting.

First of all Candace was rather naïve about how the internet works. Or at least the part of it that I seem to inhabit.  The part where all too many emotionally unstable undeveloped personalities with electronic amplifiers will destroy people with any excuse at all.  All she wanted to do was make public the old kind of bullying, the kind that many of had to endure  in high school. We were children, indeed.


Instead, her modest Kickstarter ran right into the world of the professional cyberbully/victim SJW machine.   Listening to…

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