Still Not Over

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Is is really over?

New York produced two big winners, Clinton and Trump. They may be the overall winners as a result. While they both appear unstoppable there is still more to come as the primary season winds down. And the betting money is still on a contested Republican convention so the best may be yet to come.

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A Country Bumpkin’s First Impression of The Big Apple

Women: Each One A Survivor


It was 4 am, our planned arrival time so as to avoid the infamous traffic.  My eyesight is very poor for nighttime driving so I was calling out the turn by turn directions to my daughter, Toni, who was driving.  It was drizzling for the first time on the trip, and the moisture was creating smears across the windshield that added yet another dimension to our fear of the unknown.  After leaving the safety of the well-lit and nearly vacant Lincoln Tunnel, we were making our way into the lane we needed for a turn two tenths of a mile ahead when a car stopped right in front of us.

Driving somewhere we are comfortable with or familiar with, this would not have been a situation to cause us alarm.  But our well laid out plans of arrival time turned out not to have been such great plans after all. …

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Open Advice: Pursuing Own Happiness


Due to the HUGE response, I had the last time on Open Advice: Education Direction, I am going to do the same thing again. I have another reader who emailed me anonymously, seeking everyone’s help here.

I have a reader’s letter below and instead of me giving the advice, YOU dish your advice out. I’ll consolidate my advice with yours and repost this article out next week.

Dear MiddleMe,

I am currently dating a nice young man but we are having a big issue. I know your blog is not a dating website but somehow I felt perhaps you can help me out here from a different angle.

You see, I am a recent university graduate, top of my cohort, specializing in Economics. While my guy is a car mechanic, working in his field for almost 4 years. He never did go to college, dropping out of school to…

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Intermission (5) – POW in Japan

Pacific Paratrooper


Can you imagine what it must be like to be marched out to face a firing squad, say goodbye to your closest friend who is standing next to you and then have the squad shoulder their rifles and march away having not fired a shot?  What are the odds on that happening during a war situation?  The mind boggles at the odds of this happening but this did happen to Charles Rodaway who served in the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment during World War II.

POW camps in Japan POW camps in Japan

He joined the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment and was posted to Shanghai in 1934.  He undertook guard duties in Shanghai before  being transferred to Singapore in 1938.  At the fall of Singapore in 1942, he was captured by the Japanese and put to work as a labourer in the Kawasaki shipyards, near Tokyo.  In 1944, he and a friend attempted to escape…

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Pennsylvania Becomes 24th State to Legalize Medical Marijuana



Julie Fidler
April 20, 2016

After the state House voted in favor of the medical marijuana bill, marijuana activists were biting their nails for fear the Senate would find a way to slow or stall the bill, but the bill passed last week.

Supporters knew they’d been successful, as Governor Tom Wolf had vowed to sign it into law. And the governor did not disappoint. Wolf signed the bill on Sunday, making Pennsylvania the 24th state in the nation to embrace marijuana as a legitimate form of medical treatment.

Wolf said:

“This is really a great day for Pennsylvania. This is really a great day for all of us.” [1]

Cheers and applause broke out in the capitol rotunda in Harrisburg when the law was passed. Northumberland County resident Maria Belkadi wept with joy. Her 7-year-old son, Marksen, suffers from severe autism and sometimes screams for hours. Belkadi has…

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We’re the Millers (2013)


While the comedy hurts rock bottom the family values remain “high”!

We're the Millers

Warner Bros. Pictures in association with New Line Cinema, Newman/Tooley Films, Slap Happy Productions, Heyday Films, Vincent Newman Entertainment and Benderspink present…

Directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber (The Mysteries of Pittsburgh) with Screenplay and Story from Bob Fisher and Steve Faber of the infamous “Wedding Crashers”! The Director can do only so much and even with huge pool of talent in his backyard the film was only able to provide moments of chaos, ostensible adlibbed script and a premise that was forceful and forgettable! With the two “cohesive” writers add so much color to their work in giving a very delectable script that focuses on excessive sexual innuendo, lots of cursing and worse, in-depth drugs and illegal immigrant concerns from the south of the border where they actually serve as humor for everyone to see!

As on-going collaborations do…

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The Ghost


2016-02-08_56b8876d21767_DSC_0115mmpxJust some of those random lines I squiggle out on paper (or in this case, the Microsoft Wordpad ). Hopefully turned out to be okay. I have been writing after a long time, so pardon any ‘unidentified bugs’.

A question follows the end of the post. Please do leave your comments.

Under the lofty hills, across the still lake,

The night deepens but he lies wide awake.

Tired body but his mind runs restless,

What bothers him is anyone’s guess.

Far south a lonely wolf lets out a howl

Complemented by the nearby hooting of an owl.

The boy now wonders what goes on at night:

When the graveyard is dark and there is no light!

He thought he had seen a shadow by the window,

He had closed his eyes and prayed for it to go.

To his horror, the silhouette moved not a tad

The boy had curled up…

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The next big thing in Carmen: Mangitngit Falls

Seeing God’s wonderful creation is always a blessing, discovering them is a task to do, sharing them is my way of praising and thanking Him for everything that He has done.

It’s another unwonted day for me, my feet isn’t comfortable and shelling out for usual stuff is like a day full of dark forbidding sky. Without second thought I made myself ready and grab my not so hefty bag and live another exciting day ahead. My destination? Off to the North part of the island of Cebu, the sleepy town of Carmen.

What’s in store for me there is an offbeaten destination and an abandoned natural wonder, (I was infact was lost myself during this trip)  yes you heard it right.

Going to Mangitngit falls is like clothing yourself in forest, the frosty breeze kissing your skin, the lushing forestland, the cloying sound of birds is mollifying you, the excitement and the feeling…

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