Open Advice: Pursuing Own Happiness


Due to the HUGE response, I had the last time on Open Advice: Education Direction, I am going to do the same thing again. I have another reader who emailed me anonymously, seeking everyone’s help here.

I have a reader’s letter below and instead of me giving the advice, YOU dish your advice out. I’ll consolidate my advice with yours and repost this article out next week.

Dear MiddleMe,

I am currently dating a nice young man but we are having a big issue. I know your blog is not a dating website but somehow I felt perhaps you can help me out here from a different angle.

You see, I am a recent university graduate, top of my cohort, specializing in Economics. While my guy is a car mechanic, working in his field for almost 4 years. He never did go to college, dropping out of school to…

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