The Ghost


2016-02-08_56b8876d21767_DSC_0115mmpxJust some of those random lines I squiggle out on paper (or in this case, the Microsoft Wordpad ). Hopefully turned out to be okay. I have been writing after a long time, so pardon any ‘unidentified bugs’.

A question follows the end of the post. Please do leave your comments.

Under the lofty hills, across the still lake,

The night deepens but he lies wide awake.

Tired body but his mind runs restless,

What bothers him is anyone’s guess.

Far south a lonely wolf lets out a howl

Complemented by the nearby hooting of an owl.

The boy now wonders what goes on at night:

When the graveyard is dark and there is no light!

He thought he had seen a shadow by the window,

He had closed his eyes and prayed for it to go.

To his horror, the silhouette moved not a tad

The boy had curled up…

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