The next big thing in Carmen: Mangitngit Falls

Seeing God’s wonderful creation is always a blessing, discovering them is a task to do, sharing them is my way of praising and thanking Him for everything that He has done.

It’s another unwonted day for me, my feet isn’t comfortable and shelling out for usual stuff is like a day full of dark forbidding sky. Without second thought I made myself ready and grab my not so hefty bag and live another exciting day ahead. My destination? Off to the North part of the island of Cebu, the sleepy town of Carmen.

What’s in store for me there is an offbeaten destination and an abandoned natural wonder, (I was infact was lost myself during this trip)  yes you heard it right.

Going to Mangitngit falls is like clothing yourself in forest, the frosty breeze kissing your skin, the lushing forestland, the cloying sound of birds is mollifying you, the excitement and the feeling…

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