Observations From A Trade Show

The Arts Mechanical

I didn’t get out to the trade shows, but it looks like the trends are familiar. David Hunt walked through one recently and here are his observations.

Give-Aways and Other Attention-Draws

My personal take on what give-aways are available at trade shows is this: the better the stuff, the better the economy is doing.

This year it was candy, pens, and letter openers. Pretty thin gruel. Sure there were a few contests to win things, for example a four-rotor drone, but these require giving your business card – for future marketing campaigns. And it’s not like they were giving away a slew of them, but one… so it doesn’t count. (So, now I have some new pens.)

Another economic indicator is the attention-getters; for example, what gimmicks are present to draw people in, and so on. For example, some years ago at – if I recall correctly – an Exxon…

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Pow Pow’s First Jump or Where not to stand!

BHIB Equestrian

Equestrian Photography tips by ©Tom von Kapherr Photography.com


Today Pow Pow, a young horse, jumped for the first time and you can almost always guarantee a great photo opportunity.  Now the way it works, for those that aren’t familiar with horses, is the trainer runs with the horse up to the jump and at the very last second un-clips the lead line and with a lot of encouragement the horse hopefully jumps!

If you noticed I put the “un’clips the lead line” in bold because this is a very important bit. It means that once the horse has completed the jump it’s free to run in any direction it feels like or to put it another way, it’s like a toddler who crosses the thresh-hold at a Toys-R-Us store, you have no idea what’s going to happen next.

As you can see by the photo sequence, Pow Pow had her eye on me. So rather than run into…

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