Thaw Me

Poet Rummager


You shake your head

as you eye my heart –

poking it with a finger.

I don’t cringe or fall apart –

stone cold like a glacier.

Wall of ice in all four chambers.

In my veins, my blood runs blue.

Sludge and frost circulate

in zero degrees centigrade.

You grab my hand and shiver,

yet you never let go.

The deep concern in your eyes

thaws me and stops the snow.

Cheering quietly, you watch my ice

inevitably melt and liquefy.

I’ve put away my hat and gloves —

I’m warm now; thanks to you, my love.

My poetry was inspired by San’s poem of the amazing Chewang Norphel (Click here to visit and follow his blog).

(Photo by Ann-Kethrin Rehse from

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Why Is This Woman Teaching Something She Is Not?

The Arts Mechanical

I want to know why she is teaching engineering?  She is obviously insulted for having teach things that she doesn’t believe in.  I truly pity her students, especially any white male with high creative skills.

Walk through a museum. Look around a city. Almost all the artifacts that we value as a society were made by or at the order of men. But behind every one is an invisible infrastructure of labor—primarily caregiving, in its various aspects—that is mostly performed by women. As a teenager, I read Ayn Rand on how any work that needed to be done day after day was meaningless, and that only creating new things was a worthwhile endeavor. My response to this was to stop making my bed every day, to the distress of my mother. (While I admit the possibility of a misinterpretation, as I haven’t read Rand’s writing since I was so young that…

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The Liberation of Lambs

The Renegade Press

‘Liberty for wolves is death to the lambs.’

            -Isiah Berlin

People often speak in similes and metaphors. We find comfort in symbolism and allegories, creating a sense of spatial separation in our minds from that which we desire and those that haunt us. Business men refer to themselves as lions when they wish to appear dominant or king-like; school children degrade one another by calling their peers a chicken, a dog, or a pussy. And a person of low morals can often be labelled as a rat or a snake.

Even free thinkers are not exempt from this kind of hackneyed pigeonholing of their peers; labelling those that they consider to be mindless drones suckling on the bosom of society as lambs or sheep.

It’s no coincidence that we choose animals to explain or understand our behaviours either. After all, we are merely another creature that rose from the primordial depths and…

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Taking time out during recovery

Dearest Someone,

It’s been rather refreshing having some time away from focusing on my recovery. Last week I attended a conference in Belgium, therefore I didn’t have my weekly EMDR (psychology) session, and I was able to focus on work rather than constantly having my mind remind me of everything that sucks about me. Of course, my health was still something that was on my mind (literally, ha) – but it was nice to spend a larger percentage of time focusing on work, rather than the other way round – which, lately it’s felt that I’ve focused a lot on my mental health, so it was really really refreshing taking a trip to Belgium – even if it was for work. (In fact, I’m so glad it was for work, as I had an incredible time, and learnt SO MUCH!)

I was a little apprehensive about going away, as I had…

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