Thaw Me

Poet Rummager


You shake your head

as you eye my heart –

poking it with a finger.

I don’t cringe or fall apart –

stone cold like a glacier.

Wall of ice in all four chambers.

In my veins, my blood runs blue.

Sludge and frost circulate

in zero degrees centigrade.

You grab my hand and shiver,

yet you never let go.

The deep concern in your eyes

thaws me and stops the snow.

Cheering quietly, you watch my ice

inevitably melt and liquefy.

I’ve put away my hat and gloves —

I’m warm now; thanks to you, my love.

My poetry was inspired by San’s poem of the amazing Chewang Norphel (Click here to visit and follow his blog).

(Photo by Ann-Kethrin Rehse from

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