The ‘not-so’ EQUAL affair !

From my Pen to your Soul

I was just browsing through my Facebook page today and I found this interesting picture posted on one of my friend’s wall. Clearly I have chopped off their heads to conceal their identity on my blog. If you take a closer look into it, you will see why I posted this picture and this topic has so much occupied my mind for the past few hours that I chose to blog about it !


What is the first thought that comes to your mind on seeing this picture ? An old mother with her 4 kids, isn’t it ! This is what I thought the very first time I saw it. But wait, hold on…it is not so….(not everything that glitters is gold); this picture beautifully depicts the sight a “daughter-in-law” of some “respected” household with her sisters-in-law !!!! Whoa !!! Can you see her sisters-in-law roaming around with short pretty dresses and jeans…

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Where Do Book Ideas Come From?

Julia Satu

Since I’ve let people know that I’ve written a book — which I am currently revising, endlessly, it seems — people who I would never have thought would have any interest in sitting down to write a book have revealed their book ideas to me.  And usually, their ideas originate from what they are passionate about or an injustice they’ve experienced. Always, it has an educational component to it, they want to pass on knowledge they’ve acquired.

My book idea came from a passion of mine. If you know me well, you will not be surprised to hear what it is: the environment and the animals that live within it.


I am a strong advocate for the environment. So much so that I have only taken jobs that work to protect it. I am an engineer that specializes in the treatment of wastewater, and I have…

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