I’ve Earned A Say About Social Insecurity

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I ran into a brochure from AARP recently.  The brochure is advocating, as should be no surprise that the elderly “Keep Social Security Strong.”  Unfortunately while it get some of the facts right, the brochure doesn’t contain the most import fact of all.  That is that there is no more money for the Ponzi Scheme anymore.

That’s  the problem with all pyramid, schemes, whether it’s Bernie Madoff, Multi Level marketing or Social Security.  The big difference being that the government put Madoff in jail and points guns at people’s heads to make them pay ever higher taxes until things collapse.

Here’s a scan of the brochure.  I couldn’t find a copy online. I did find an archived web page.



Here’s the problem:

Social Security: The challenges

  • Funding shortfalls: Social Security can pay full benefits for nearly 25 years, provided the U.S. Treasury repays the money it has borrowed from Social Security. After…

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Something Always Make Me Cry

The Inspiration Shots

iPhoneOgraphy – 27 Apr 2016 (Day 118/366)

The onion (Allium cepa L., from Latin cepa “onion”), also known as the bulb onion or common onion, is a vegetable and is the most widely cultivated species of the genus Allium.

This genus also contains several other species variously referred to as onions and cultivated for food, such as the Japanese bunching onion (Allium fistutosum), the tree onion (A.×proliferum), and the Canada onion (Allium canadense). The name “wild onion” is applied to a number of Allium species, but A. cepa is exclusively known from cultivation. Its ancestral wild original form is not known, although escapes from cultivation have become established in some regions. The onion is most frequently a biennial or a perennial plant, but is usually treated as an annual and harvested in its first growing season.

The onion plant has a fan of hollow, bluish-green leaves and the bulb at…

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Chocolate Zucchini Muffins

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Happy Sunday!! I wanted to share this delicious recipe I found on Pinterest from Running With Spoons, these tasty chocolate muffins with a secretly healthy ingredient! With my parents being on the Paleo diet, I have been cooking/baking an abundance of healthy (mostly delicious haha) recipes for them! Many of the recipes involve zucchini, such as zucchini pasta (which I absolutely love). Although this recipe is not considered Paleo, it is sweet treat for those who want a delicious but healthy snack!

If you’re thinking that you would never put zucchini in a baked good, it’s time you get out of your comfort zone and try this recipe! These muffins are super soft and chocolatey… and as a bonus they are gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, oil-free, and refined sugar-free!! What’s better than that? Check out this crazy delicious recipe below!


Prep time: 5 mins | Cook time:…

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