I’ve Earned A Say About Social Insecurity

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I ran into a brochure from AARP recently.  The brochure is advocating, as should be no surprise that the elderly “Keep Social Security Strong.”  Unfortunately while it get some of the facts right, the brochure doesn’t contain the most import fact of all.  That is that there is no more money for the Ponzi Scheme anymore.

That’s  the problem with all pyramid, schemes, whether it’s Bernie Madoff, Multi Level marketing or Social Security.  The big difference being that the government put Madoff in jail and points guns at people’s heads to make them pay ever higher taxes until things collapse.

Here’s a scan of the brochure.  I couldn’t find a copy online. I did find an archived web page.



Here’s the problem:

Social Security: The challenges

  • Funding shortfalls: Social Security can pay full benefits for nearly 25 years, provided the U.S. Treasury repays the money it has borrowed from Social Security. After…

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