Making Smoothies Even Easier

Looking Joli Good

Making Smoothies Even Easier | Photo from PopSugar

While recently out with one of my friends, we were discussing the pros and cons of healthy eating.  While I love the way eating right makes me feel, I said that one of the things I don’t like about eating healthy is all the chewing involved.  Some times I just want to get the nutrition without having to graze on the veggies all day long.

One of the things that I love about using smoothies as a way of getting in all my veggies is that  you can throw all kinds of great things in there from kale and spinach or beans and chia seeds.  It is a great way to get in all the fiber, protein, and healhty fats you need for the day.  And with a bit of prep work smoothies can be so fast to make!  Put it into a portable cup and you’ve got a quick healthy meal…

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Intermission Story (7) – Poem for Tarawa

Pacific Paratrooper

Battle of Tarawa Battle of Tarawa

The Battle for Tarawa
“The time has come,” the commander said,
“When we must fight once more;
So pack your gear and shoulder your gun,
We will board the ship at four.”
We boarded the ship in New Zealand
For a place we knew not where.
But deep down in our hearts we thought
Of the hardships we’d have to bear
Twenty long days and twenty long nights
It took to reach the Atolls
We wiped off our guns and counted our shells
And loosened the straps on our rolls
Then came the word, “All hands topside”
And our boats were lowered to sea I’ll tell you every man was scared
And we prayed for the things to be.
Our fleet was constantly pounding the isle
To make things easier on shore
Then they finally slacked up around noon
To let our fighting…

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