Are Green Supply Chains Important?


Amazon Continues to Build Its Sustainability Team

On-line giant Amazon has never pushed a sustainability message all that much, and unlike many of its brick and mortar rivals such as Walmart and Target it has never issued a sustainability report.

Is that soon to change?

A few weeks ago, Amazon hired Dara O’Rourke as a principal scientist in its sustainable science team. O’Rourke was previously a professor of environmental and labor policy at UC Berkeley. In the 1990s, he drew attention to the issue of sweatshops in developing countries by exposing what he called “exploitative and hazardous working conditions” in factories in China, Vietnam and Indonesia, notably those supplying Nike, and later was co-founder of Good Guide, a web site which rates the environmental and social performance of consumer products.

O’Rourke joins a team led by Kara Hurst, the company’s director of worldwide sustainability and social responsibility, who became…

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All the Time That Be Time

Wide Awake But Dreaming

What is going on this morning?  Not a lot, to be honest.  I’m off to get my nails done in a couple of hours, so I’ve sort of piddled around trying to motivate myself to write.  However, I didn’t sleep for crap last night despite being tired as hell, so my mind is a muddled mess.  So much so that I knew anything I tried to put down in the system would come out full of suck, so I haven’t bothered.

That doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy . . .

For a few weeks now I’ve meant to make some changes to the time line that is the story of my kids at school, though change really isn’t the right word:  additions is more like it.  That’s the way my mind works, with lots going ’round and ’round all the time and things always popping in and out.  What’s…

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Voting For The Devil (Lucifer, i.e. Ted Cruz): No Free Speech Allowed Except Theirs

Truth Troubles

This week former Ohio Congressman and the Republican Speaker of The House of Representatives John Boehner referred to Texas Senator and Republican Presidential candidate ‘Lying Ted Cruz’ as “Lucifer in the flesh”. Late last year after the Pope visited America and Mr. Boehner whom is a Catholic got a few minutes with the Pope the next day announced that he was going to retire both from the Speaker-ship position and from the Congress. I believe that it was this same day that Mr. Boehner referred to Mr. Cruz as “the biggest asshole in the Congress”. It is in a sense the truth to say that they are from the same political party as Mr. Cruz is listed as a Republican as is Mr. Boehner yet that idea is really a fallacy because Mr. Cruz is really a member of ‘the Tea Party’ which constantly run their own candidates against sitting…

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May day mizzle

The Journey of My Left Foot (whilst remembering my son)


Sunday 1st May

May day mizzle
Mist and drizzle.
Cool and grey
Bank holiday.

You really wouldn’t have liked this weather at all, wandering around the town in the rain. So we probably would have gone away for the bank holiday weekend.

I wonder where we would have gone?
Somewhere to keep you occupied and happy.
Perhaps shops to browse or a pool to swim,
Or a cinema to watch the latest film.

I do miss going away for weekends with you.
You liked to choose the hotel, and the restaurants where we would eat dinner.
You would go down to breakfast on your own, and then probably have a second breakfast with us when we were ready.

Missing you so very much.
Love you more each day.
Dearest Angel son.






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Breakaway Links OF The Week – 4-25-2016/5-2-2016



Zy Marquiez
May 1, 2016

Below follow some of the best links of the week.

Topics this week include Gardening, Fluoride, Geopolitics, Health, Big Pharma, Geoengineering, Police State, and still a lot more.  It really might be the most information-laden week we’ve had in a really long time.

Make sure you sift through everything and see what you might have missed.  If next week follows suit, its sure bound to be intense.

Keep your ears to the ground, and stay safe.

Take care everyone.

What Motivates People To Take Action
[ | Jon Rappoport]

Is This A Safer Cancer Treatment?
[iHealthTube | Dr. Tony Jimenez]

Judge Gives OK To Sue CIA & Doctors Who Invented US ‘Enhanced Interrogation’

Physicist & Consciousness Researcher Tom Campbell: Fireside Chat March 2016 [Pt 1]
[ | Tom Campbell ]

New Book Sets Record Straight On GMO Myths & Truths
[Mercola | Dr…

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A Ranch Bordering the Salty River by Stephen Page

Stephen Page

A Ranch Bordering the Salty River by Stephen Page$14.99, paper




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