The Lonely Author

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You encouraged me to write
when my soul ran out of ink
you reminded me to fly
when life clipped my wings
the world turned its back
and only you remained
you believed in me
when I didn’t trust myself
even as hope abandoned us
faith accompanied your words
you are my masterpiece
the one thing I got right
and I could never forget
without you there is no me

Photo of Allie taken by me taken on April 22, 2016.

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Florida East Coast Railway Delivers First Intermodal Shipment Purchased on EZ Buy


Addison Transportation Was the First Customer to Utilize Florida East Coast Railway’s New Online Price Quote and Booking System for Door-to-Door Intermodal Shipments

JACKSONVILLE, FL–(Marketwired – May 02, 2016) – Florida East Coast Railway (FECR) has delivered the first intermodal shipment purchased through its new tool EZ Buy, an online price quote and booking system for customers to ‘buy’ door-to-door intermodal transactional freight connecting the Southeast U.S. to South Florida markets.

Addison Transportation utilized EZ Buy and its price negotiation functionality to purchase and book their shipment. The shipment was delivered safely and on time from Murfreesboro, TN, to Stuart, FL, the week of April 12th. EZ Buy is easy for customers as it allows users to receive access to dynamic price quotes, while having the ability to negotiate that price, and book an order in one quick easy transaction.

EZ Buy is very simple…

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