Delightful Mornings ! / Grace.


Mornings are the new birth for hope and life.

Mornings,the source for optimism , people to thrive.

No one knows mornings except the ones who wake up early.

No one can feel the mornings but the ones ,

Who breath mornings air and see their delight.

Mornings are the melodies the birds of the sky sing.

Which fills the hearts and souls of those who,

Appreciate the Grace of  God and his gifts.

There are those who don’t know mornings ,

Because they sleep more often too long.

They adore darkness , where their secrets hide.

Look at the little ones ,our angels without wings.

How much they love the mornings  and eagerly ,

Embrace the first  rays of the sun.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

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Golden Spike Monument, Council Bluffs, Iowa

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Golden  Spike  Monument  Council  Bluffs  IowaThis  is  the  Golden  Spike  Monument  in  Council  Bluffs,  Iowa.  It  was  originally  erected  to  promote  the  movie  Union  Pacific,  but  it  also  commemorates  the  ‘Golden  Spike’  nailed  to  the  track  at  Promontory,  Utah  where  the  Union  Pacific  and  the  Central  Pacific  came  together  to  complete  the  Transcontinental  Railroad  connecting  the  Atlantic  with  the  Pacific.

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