The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)


Just like from other superhero films, they were adapted from the actual comic books but not all the time with key specific story lines and that’s how dynamic this is, it’s already comprehensible to many and yet unique in its own “amazing” way!

The Amazing Spider-Man

Columbia Pictures in association with Marvel Studios present…

From Marvel Comics very own flagship carrier, Spider-Man was created by Writer Stan “The Man” Lee and Artist Steve Ditko who debuted in Amazing Fantasy No. 15 on August of 1962. Adapted for a television series in the 80’s which became a cult phenomenon then jump starting it in the big screen from the years 2000 up to 2007 which grossed billions in the box office worldwide making it one of the successful comic book films in cinema history!

But that was just the beginning…

The British are coming!!! Embrace the inevitable! Superhero movie leading actors take a turn…

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Bad Design And Patterns

The Arts Mechanical

One trap that a designer can get into is the one where even when you are working with a new technology you do things the way the previous technology did things.  You can see this in early internal combustion engines which looked and were run a lot like stationary steam engines.

Then there’s this case.  How batteries are charged and how you handle battery life in cell packs.

 have a diving scooter that I’m selling.  DPVs are crazy-convenient if you own a boat or have a willing operator (there aren’t many, unfortunately) and want to do wreck dives.  For longer cave-dives they can be essential.  They can also be dangerous as hell if you don’t think, because it’s quite easy to find yourself 5,000′ back in a cave and then have the scooter fail and if you are ever dumb enough to do a powered ascent with one in open…

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The Raven's Nest

S.W.W.  SThe straws on the floor were damp and the walls oozing in moldy patterns and moss. We were in the witch pit.

Two men in the devil’s den.

Days came and went through the narrow opening above our head. We were two but only one was talking. His voice had this warm deep tone that wraps itself in your strongest will and melt it away.

I knew he was dying.

Yes his voice was like a ship carrying us deeper into the earth. He barely moved but in his every whispers I could grasp the full extent of his emotions.

She was the lone subject of his stories. Her hair and eyes, the way she carried herself with her fragile neck extended towards all the hopes of time itself. He let me hear her moans and smelled her sweat. He illustrated her dreams and passions, the delicate fangs of her…

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