Intermission (9) James Gleason, Marine Raider

Pacific Paratrooper

Marine Raiders Marine Raiders

Lyman and Minnie Gleason were in their 40s when the baby arrived at their doorstep in a shoebox, and James Gleason would grow up near Youngstown, Ohio.  On his 17th birthday, he enlisted in the Navy.

“Everybody was real patriotic at that particular time,” Gleason said in an interview with the Tribune two years ago at his home in Tampa.

On Aug. 3, 1942, he was called up, and after boot camp, transferred to the Marines, who didn’t have their own medics or chaplains. He volunteered for a newly formed group called the Marine Raiders.

James Gleason, 1943 James Gleason, 1943

There were four Marine Raider battalions and two Raider regiments that saw action in the Pacific between 1942 and 1944 and were formed to conduct amphibious raids and guerrilla operations behind enemy lines.

The Raiders went on to participate in campaigns across the Pacific Ocean and earned more than 700 decorations…

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The Lonely Author


Hey, people.  Two weeks ago I had a tough week. Since then, most of my posts have been dark (very unlike me).  Trying to get back into my romantic writing, and seriously, I can’t find my mojo. Yes, the Chimp is without his romantic mojo.

If anyone finds it, please return it back to me.

This is a simple muchy one to try to get me back on track.


Quietly you watch
my slow descent
As your irresistible
gravity takes me in

As Natural as the
crisp autumn leaves
Baby, you have me
falling just for you

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MTA nets $27 billion in New York state’s 2016-17 budget


Under a New York state budget agreement announced late last week, New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) will receive more than $27 billion in funding, including $8.3 billion toward the agency’s capital program.

The amount marks the state’s largest investment toward the capital program, MTA officials said in a press release.

The MTA will now submit a revised plan of projects to be supported by the capital program to its board and to the state’s Capital Program Review Board.

“The [capital] plan will enable the MTA to maintain critical infrastructure while renewing, enhancing and expanding our system to meet the ridership and growth demands of the future and improving the current experience for the millions who critically rely on our system each day,” said MTA Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Thomas Prendergast.

The state budget also allocates $1.5 billion toward Phase II of the Second Avenue Subway extension.


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Just wondering

Spread love not hate

I turn to writing for many reasons. Today I m just pouring out some grief that has been eating me inside out for awhile.The general hatred and negativity in social media or news makes me nauseous. From animals to humans to mother nature, nothing has been spared. We have been trampled and destroyed. And we do the same to our planet- indirectly at least.

The recent bombing in Lahore, Turkey , Nigeria,  Brussels etc… it has been just 3 months into 2016 and I m already praying for the year to end in peace. The blame game is too strong ! In another news its about a pitbull being sexually abused and murdered. What have we humans evolved into? When are we going to fight for love, peace and humanity. Perhaps the world does need a reset after all.

Just wondering…

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