Guest Post: Untraveled Routes by Charu


Previously, Charu commented on one of my post, he left four years of career in Investment Banking behind him and mentioned that was one of the toughest decisions he had to go through. I have invited him to pen down the below guest post.


Are you sure about this? I wish my life were different. Is this the best I can do with my life? Am I really happy?

Thoughts like these would cross my mind several times. Mostly I was highly pre-occupied with my work as Investment Banking is an engaging and erratic work profile but still my conscience doubted me.

Sure, I was working in one of the highest paying jobs with a respectable organization, in four years I reached a decent position too, there were no work place issues, and I used to leave my home at 8.15am in the morning and reach back home by 9.00pm…

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