Liberty Bell, Dover, Delaware

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Liberty  Bell  Dover  DelawareThis  is  the  Liberty  Bell  in  Dover,  Delaware.  It  is  one  of  many  bells  fashioned  after  the  original  Liberty  Bell  in  Philadelphia,  Pennsylvania  which  just  happens  to  be  a  little  over  an  hours  drive  from  here.

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A Fragment

Poet Rummager


He gave her a fragment of his heart.

She looked at it in mild surprise.

It’s so small; barely a crumb.

Is this all I mean to you?


The corners of her mouth drooped.

She got uncharacteristically glum.

Embarrassed, he unbuttoned his chest.

I didn’t want to show you,

but the rest of my heart isn’t doing so fine.


She stared at the weakened muscle –

beating erratically, damaged, and fractured.

I’m afraid my sins have caught up with me.

My insides aren’t pristine like they used to be.

I only hope you can understand.

The best part of my heart I’ve now given to you,

the light in my dark, my one true friend.

(Image by Sigurd Decroos of

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The Roof That Shelter Us

The Inspiration Shots

iPhoneOgraphy – 15 May 2016 (Day 136/366)

Wood shingles are thin, tapered pieces of wood primarily used to cover roofs and walls of buildings to protect them from the weather. Historically shingles were split from straight grained, knot free bolts of wood. Today shingles are mostly made by being cut which distinguishes them from shakes which are made by being split out of a bolt.

Wooden shingle roofs were prevalent in the North American colonies (for example in the Cape-Cod-style house), while in central and southern Europe at the same time, thatch, slate and tile were the prevalent roofing materials. In rural Scandinavia, wood shingle roofs were a common roofing material until the 1950s. Wood shingles are susceptible to fire and cost more than other types of shingle so they are not as common today as in the past.

Distinctive shingle patterns exist in various regions created by the size…

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G.I. JOE: Rise of Cobra (2009)


G.I. “Mediocre” JOE!

GIJOE - The Rise of Cobra

Paramount Pictures in association with Di Bonaventura Pictures, Spyglass Entertainment and Hasbro present…

From the world renowned toy makers Hasbro, brothers Henry and Helal Hassenfeld started with simple textile business that soon rose up to become one of the industry’s largest multi-national  toy companies in the world! In 1964, they started the phenomenon and became its flagship carriers together with Transformers; G.I.JOE “action figures” as they were called since that era had spawned limitless amounts of merchandise to every young boy across the United States!

For the fact that millions of kids watched this animated series in the ’80s, I think it would be fair enough to say that the film deserved a far better representation of well known characters to deliver them in cinemas worldwide!

Based on Larry Hama’s written works for Marvel Comics with collaboration with Hasbro’s toyline a movie was set to finally grace the…

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Rail Product News – Focus on Rail IOT


IEM Corp.: Smart Infrastructure Monitoring System
IEM Corp.’s Smart Infrastructure Monitoring System (SIMS) is the backbone of the company’s vibration monitoring system (VMS) and wheel flaw subsystem (WFD). While modern rail operations include many mitigating measures to reduce the impacts of vibration, real-time performance monitoring identifies associated noise and ground movement that can impact sensitive communities and facilities. Such rail corridors include hospitals and research operations containing vibration-sensitive equipment, museums with fragile collections and concert halls designed to optimize sound. READ »

Rail Product News

Protran: Protracker Train and Personal Alert Devices
Protran Technology offers the Protracker Train Device, which is designed to be mounted in the cab of a train or tied into the train’s monitor. The train operator will be audibly and visually alerted of personnel near tracks who are wearing the Protracker Personal Alert Device (PAD) and the headset. READ »

Siemens: Ruggedcom virtual machine environment Siemens has launched…

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