Dreamless Sleep

Poet Rummager


“Men really need sea-monsters in their personal oceans. An ocean without its unnamed monsters would be like a completely dreamless sleep.”—John Steinbeck

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at SlasherMonster; my new resting place for dark expressions.

(Photo by Charles Cady of freeimages.com)

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Perspectives on Life, the Universe and Everything

Night has arrived
Where did the day go
Another day pass
Without much done
No randomness
Nothing to excite
Grey skies, no sunlight
Moments left
without saying much
No craziness
None left in lurch
Storm didn’t come
World didn’t end
No bouquets arrived
No flowers to send
Really wish something
should have happened
A crisis would be nice,
Have brains to lend
Looking through the window
a passerby and carriages
Thinking about nothing
Loving or loathing
Just a solemn, blank stare
Another day passes
Without much to care

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The Very Good Effects Of More CO2 – F. William Engdahl


Source: Journal-Neo.Org
F. William Engdahl
May 13, 2016

Ever since the late Margaret Mead organized a conference in 1975 to deliberately propagate an unscientific fear campaign, fraudulently claiming that manmade emissions of CO2 gases were endangering the global climate, the UN, countless NGOs and many governments have spent billions of dollars trying to find ways to reduce CO2 “man-made” emissions. In those days it was known as Global Warming until measured temperatures began falling, whereupon when the sponsors of the colossal scientific fraud changed the name to Climate Change. The campaign has largely failed, fortunately for the future of life on the planet. One indication of a return to scientific honesty is a study just published by Washington’s NASA on the effects of CO2 across the planet since the 1980s.

A new scientific study published in April in the journal Nature Climate Change reveals that between 25% up to possibly 50%…

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You are Beautiful


HebrewDawn: How do you eat an elephant? Bite, by bite. Bite, by bite.

How has your week been? I’m grateful that today is Friday, and to be back blogging with you. I’m sorry that we’ve been MIA this week, but we’ve both had some things going on personally that got in the way. We didn’t want to write a post for post sake, so we neglected you. I hope you can forgive us…

Every now then I find some things on the Internet, that I can’t help but share. Ready for a giggle to end your week? Check out the weird things women do with their girls. I can honestly say I haven’t intentially ate off of my mine, but I’m grateful for the food they’ve saved from hitting the floor.

Have you seen the previews for bad mom yet? I seriously hope it’s as funny as it looks. I hope this will be a funny way to remind…

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Soulful Sunday – The Day Nor The Hour

Real Bold Truth

Do you feel or have you ever felt invincible? Nearly convinced that tomorrow WILL indeed come? I have, especially in my youthful years! We make plans, promises and work towards our purpose. All the while taking for granted that each day we rise and find ourselves still alive, is a blessing outside of anything we could ever control.

Truth of the matter is, the scripture says we die daily. (1 Corinthians 15:31) Each day that we are blessed to wake up, we are a day closer to the moment when we do not.

It’s a very difficult reality that many of us suppress. We typically don’t think about this until someone we know takes their last breath.

This past Wednesday felt heavy, dark and gloomy. Our world lost yet another iconic legend and it hurts. I was also informed within the same hour about the untimely death of a 16…

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Road Trip: Caught Orange-Handed. 

The Lemonade Chronicles

made it halfway down the bag of Doritos before we even pulled out of the driveway.

Hilary had very thoughtfully composed, packed, and sort of hidden our delicious bag of road trip Cornucopia the night before. Rip into that bag of Diabetes before the entire family had settled in to the I-5 Grapevine? Verboten. Unthinkable. Unforgivable.

I say “someone” because I intend to continue my own protestations of innocence for as long as it takes. Why would I have eaten half a bag of Doritos last night? After all, we have here two, far more likely suspects. Both with a long history of smuggled late night junk food. Bedrooms strewn with crumpled KitKat bar wrappers. Couch cushions stuffed with illicit Popsicle boxes. Exhibit A: Look at these two ne’er-do-wells. Don’t these backseat bandits just reek of guilt?

Exhibit B: The younger one, I now have reason to suspect, has…

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