We Breathe The Same Air

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We Breathe The Same Air

Why are people focused
on our petty differences
culture color and beliefs
make each of us unique

when will people learn
mankind is one big family

we are all one in the same
we all love our children
we wake to the same sun
we share the same world
we breathe the same air


Just a few random thoughts I threw together.  That is my mini rant for today.

Be safe.  Be well.

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Virginia Living!


Just a little announcement:

I’m excited to let you know I have an essay appearing in the June issue of Virginia Living magazine!

It was a thrill to work with the kind folks at the magazine again (I also had an essay published back in their February 2016 issue) and as a native Virginian, like my parents and theirs, it was especially fun to contribute to a publication I’ve had in my own home over the years.

Below is a link to my essay in the online version of Virginia Living.  Check it out and if you like please comment on their site below the essay!


Thanks to all those who’ve asked what I’ve been up to lately. Blogging continues to be fun and has proven to be an exciting pathway to some great opportunities.

Stuart M. Perkins

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How This Company Makes $70 Million Selling Random Stuff on Amazon


To show off the secret behind Pharma­packs, his $70 million retail business, Andrew Vagenas picked up an EOS lip balm and tossed it to his buddy Brad Tramunti.

“Watch,” Vagenas said. “He’s like a special kid.”

There is nothing about Tramunti that makes you think: lip-balm guy. He’s 33 years old and hefty, with a two-day scruff and a faded T-shirt wrapped around his torso. But he held the lip balm in his paw carefully, inspecting its lollipop-purple-swirl case like a savant.

“This is a new flavor,” he said. “Just came out. Blackberry nectar.” He took it to his desk and brought up its Amazon.com product page. He checked its weight–0.25 ounce. He pursed his lips and calculated the shipping cost in his head: “$1.89,” he muttered. He looked at its Amazon sales rank: 54,000. He brought up a page with suppliers’ prices.

“We get this wholesale for $2.23,”…

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University of Montreal – Rookie Athlete of the Year: The coolest name of the evening Bird Smith Chittaphone!!!


smith recrueHi all,

Last evening was the best athletes prizes ceremony of my university. Watch the video below and listen to the host saying in french:

University of Montreal – Rookie Athlete of the Year: Tennis player and the coolest name of the evening Bird Smith Chittaphone!!! Master Student in Kinesiology.

Well i guess they will remember my name now lol even if it was kinda funny!!!

Talk to you soon again!!!

Bird Smith Chittaphone

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Papiro com texto sobre a Última Ceia encontrado


papiro amuleto cristao (1)

Pesquisadores descobriram um fragmento de papiro grego de 1.500 anos com escrita que se refere à Última Ceia e ao “maná do céu” (maná, segundo o livro bíblico de Êxodo, é um alimento produzido milagrosamente e fornecido por Deus ao povo israelita). Eles acreditam que esse papiro é um dos mais antigos amuletos cristãos.

O fragmento foi provavelmente dobrado e usado dentro de um medalhão ou pingente como uma espécie de talismã para proteção.


Roberta Mazza, que encontrou o papiro pesquisando milhares deles mantidos no cofre da biblioteca do Instituto de Pesquisa John Rylands da Universidade de Manchester, no Reino Unido, disse: “Esta é uma descoberta importante e inesperada, pois é um dos primeiros documentos registrados de uso da magia no contexto cristão e o mais antigo amuleto encontrado que se refere à Eucaristia – a Última Ceia – como o maná do Antigo Testamento”.

O papiro

O texto…

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