The World’s Top Bookstores II

Cafe Book Bean

More of the Tour de librairie! This list has been a joy to make, exploring the beautiful world of books and the many cultures that embrace their wonder.

Here is part II of the Worlds top Bookstores:

Rizzoli Bookstore (New York, NY)
Rizzoli-Untapped-Cities-AFineLyne-640x360 - Edited
Rizzoli is famed for its art books and foreign fashion magazines. After being forced out of there location by developers, Rizzoli has brought the character of its old space to the new one.
Lavishing the 1896 Beaux-Arts building with tables and chandeliers from the old store, and commissioning a sky-scape mural to run along the 18-foot ceilings.
imageThe new building also has stunning new windows.
Vogue man-about-town André Leon Talley has fashioned them with Vivienne Westwood, Gucci and Manolo Blahnik clothes and shoes, surrounded by Damien Hirst and Jeff Koons art books.

Libreria Acqua Alta (Venice , Italy)

Luigi Frizzo, the eccentric manager speaks English and includes numerous English books…

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Traveling: Like falling in love

Wanderlust: Becoming a Traveler

To me, traveling is exactly like falling in love. Let me elaborate on this: I feel this way for many reasons, however, mainly because you go through all the emotions of a romantic relationship: Excitement, fear, happiness, sadness, frustration, relief, curiosity, desire etc. It’s a state of mind out of your control… You just have to roll with it!


The longing to explore and discover takes your breath away time after time. You look forward to every moment, every experience it can lead to with an open heart and an open mind. …You can’t get enough. More wants more. Exactly like true love, you always ache to discover more. In return, the feeling you get when discovering something new is nothing less than exhilarating! Actually…it’s addictive – or…it is to me! Because when you’re in love with a person, you not only long for them all the time, however, you…

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National Bike to Work Day


If you live in the city like me, you’ll be used to taking public transportation to work unless you drive. I know many of you probably drive to work, a little secret of me: I don’t have a driver’s license yet. Shocking but true!

Living in Singapore where you can reach one end of the island from the other end in 2 and half hours just by taking the train, there is really not much of a need to add on to the already congested roads and pollution to the environment. Even when I was relocated to Shanghai, a lot of places are easily reachable with their underground trains as well. Plus my workplace was within 10 minutes of walking distance from where I lived. Something that I planned when I search for a place in mind.


It was only when I moved to Kuala Lumpur, I realised that driving…

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Montreal transit agency plans improvements at Honore-Beaugrand station


The Societe de transport de Montreal (STM) on May 2 will launch a major refurbishment of its Honore-Beaugrand subway station in northeastern Montreal.

A rendering of the refurbished Honore-Beaugrand station.
Source: Societe de transport de Montreal

The work includes adding three elevators to improve accessibility, waterproofing the station’s underground roof, replacing the station’s ambient lighting, and demolishing and rebuilding slabs and staircases, STM officials said in a press release.

The agency’s board has awarded a $19 million contract to Groupe Decarel Inc. for the project, which is expected to wrap up in December 2017, STM officials said.

The station, which is the eastern terminus of STM’s Green Line, was opened in 1976 and currently serves 5.3 million customers annually.

STM is advancing a plan to improve accessibility at 12 stations, including Honore-Beaugrand, by 2017.

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WMATA unveils final ‘SafeTrack’ plan


Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) General Manager and Chief Executive Officer Paul Wiedefeld yesterday released a final version of his “SafeTrack” comprehensive maintenance plan for the agency’s subway system.

A combination of 15 long-duration track outages for key system segments and significantly expanded maintenance time on weekends, weeknights and weekdays, the plan crams three years worth of work into one year.

SafeTrack is aimed at addressing the Federal Transit Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board’s safety recommendations, along with tackling the transit agency’s deferred maintenance backlogs, WMATA officials said in a press release.

Plan implementation began following review and collaboration with the FTA, and consideration of traffic mitigation and alternative travel options by departments of transportation in D.C., Maryland and Virginia; regional law enforcement; the Office of Personnel Management; the Department of Homeland Security; and the General Services Administration.

In addition to the 15 “safety surges”…

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The Moon Knows

Poet Rummager

Photo by –FlyTrapMan–



The moon promised to keep secret
the darkness I keep in my pocket.
She saw me one night as I grinned
at the blackest of all of my sins.
Her light illuminated down on me,
and I heard her gasp quietly.
Not to worry, she whispered,
“Your secret’s safe. I give you my word.”
Yet I sit here and worry
as she smiles much too contently.
The stars twinkle and wink.
Is she telling them things?


Curious about other fascinating secrets the moon holds? Read about them by clicking

HERE (FlyTrapMan’s amazing lunar theories)


HERE (Poet Rummager’s fifty word story)

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Mytwosentences 136



The typically unfashionable girl who always wore stripes, but today wore a solid light blue blouse, asked her grumpy father why mom would not be dropped off by her colonge reeking, fakely handsome boss.
After putting on a marginally protective, overly worn oven mitt, the big smiling little girl pulled a perfectly reheated pizza out of a dirty oven and demanded they recycle the box.
(Photo: Edward Roads)

Written by Edward Roads

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